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A current transformer operates with a set primary current and will try to output a constant current to the load, independent of the load. Ring core cts are available for measuring currents from 50 to 5000 amps, with windows power conductor opening size from 1 to 8. Primary current range from 5 amp to 5000 amp with secondary current 5a, 1a, or 01. H i g h p o w e r e d r e s e a r c h f o r t h e r e a l w o r l d december 2011 issue 1 modeling current transformer ct saturation for detailed protection studies 6 the wound rotor wr and squirrel cage sq induction machine models. Pdf converter convert files to and from pdfs free online. The basics of current transformers nk technologies. When an ac voltage is applied to one coil, current flowing in that coil magnetizes the core first in one direction, then in the opposite direction. According to the design, transformers can be classified into two.

Current transformers are designed to provide a scaled down replica of the current in the hv line and isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays, etc. We find that a lot of installers and end users get confused by selecting and installing current transformers cts. A1 edition 5, 200803 abb instrument transformers buyers guide contents products technical information table of contents chapter page introduction a 2 explanations b 1 silicone rubber sir insulators c 1 design features and advantages current transformers imb d 1 inductive voltage transformer emf e 1. Current transformers cts provide a simple, inexpensive and yet accurate means of sensing current flow in power conductors. National grid current transformers for protection and general use technical specification ts 3. You can access the free pdf file converter anywhere, with an internet connection. Smallpdf pdf converter operates fully in the cloud. The types of transformers differ in the manner in which the primary and secondary coils are provided around the laminated steel core. Gea12621 indoor current transformer model jab0c 600v. Simply short the secondary of the ct through the sensing window of the sensor.

Current transformers perform the following functions. The ratings of the power transformer are as follows 400 kv, 200 kv, 110 kv, 66 kv, 33 kv. Compress, edit or modify the output file, if necessary. For current transformers, the value of the reactance x is determined in a special way so that it represents the leakage flux. Current transformers reduce high voltage currents to a much lower value and provide a convenient way of safely monitoring the actual electrical current flowing in an ac. Since the high quality silicon processed by advanced. A transformer has no moving parts and is a completely.

Improved shorttime current rating transformers type cmf current. The ip5 a ratio current transformer delivers at the secondary a current is of 0 to 5 a that is proportional to the current measured at the primary ip. Current transformer they generally used to step down current in a very predictable fashion with respect to current and phase. Types of transformer different types of transformer. The current or series transformer has a primary coil of one or more turns of thick wire connected in series with the line whose current is to be measured. Current transformer testing swp check this is the latest process zone version before use. All documents offered for download remain property of ritz instrument transformers gmbh and are made available for your information only. This transformer ensures stable revenue accuracy over a broad current range for solidstate metering, and is best suited for power generation facilities. Simple clampon current transformers rudy severns n6lf 15 june 09 during the process of running some experiments on coupling between verticals and towers i realized that it would be very handy to have a current transformer ct which i could clamp around one leg of a grounded tower.

The following is a description of what i came up with. High accuracy for currents up to the rated current 5120% is needed for metering cores. The power transformers are used in the transmission networks of higher voltages. A current transformer is an instrument transformer, used along with measuring or protective devices, in which the secondary current is proportional to the primary current under normal conditions of operation and differs from it by an angle that is approximately zero. Splitcore current transformer rated primary current. A simple clampon current transformer antennas by n6lf. A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to convert alternating current from one voltage to another. In this area you will find catalogues with comprehensive information as well as forms and documents as pdf files for downloading. Highprecision current transformer new magnetic material is taken to be the core of the current transformer, which has high magnetic permeability, low saturation magnetization and good stability. In its application to a current transformer, it is the number representing the amount by which the primary load current may be increased over its nameplate rating without exceeding the allowable temperature rise. The tool will instantly upload and transform the file into a pdf. Modeling current transformer ct saturation for detailed. The ctt5 will test the current transformer ratio, phase shift, polarity, excitation, saturation, winding resistance and insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with ansiieee c57. Class current transformers type cxm current transformers provide best accuracy of 0.

This occurs on systems with variable currents such as wind or solar power generation. Current, voltage and combined transformers, oilpaper or gas insulated up to 800 kv. A current transformer can also be used as an input to a current relay or transmitter, or to reduce the current so that a current switch or transducer can be utilized. Rating factor rf is a term, which applies to a current transformer. Purpose and scope the purpose of this standard work practice swp is to. Abstractpower transformers can fail from dielectric stresses caused by. In a typical utility application, transformers are connected directly to ground, but occasionally a small reactor is placed in the transformer neutral that.

Mainly installed at the generating stations and transmission substations. Polarity refers to the instantaneous direction of the primary current with respect to the secondary current and is determined by the way the transformer leads are brought out of the case. Relay class protection current transformers this type of ct includes oilimmersed bussing and resin molded versions. The current transformer will operate into either a short circuit or a resistive load until the voltage induced is enough to.

Metering or instruments active power, reactive power and current meters work under normal loading conditions. Transformer basicsworking principle,construction,types. High accuracy extended range current transformers can increase utility revenue through improved metering. It can be designed to step up or step down voltages and works on the magnetic induction principle. Additional protection current transformers at tata steel.

The current transformer will operate into either a short circuit or a resistive load until the voltage induced is enough to saturate the core or cause voltage. Procedure for current transformer factory and site acceptance tests note. The current transformer function is different than that of a voltage transformer. Page 1 of 9 standard work practice sp0507 ver 5 ergon energy corporation limited abn 50 087 646 062 ergon energy queensland pty ltd abn 11 121 177 802 1.

The secondary consists of a large number of turns of fine wire. In coretype transformer, the windings are given to a considerable part of the core. This allows them to be used in combination with measurement equipment. Output of the current transformer the needed output of a current transformer depends on the application and the type of the connected load.

After the current transformers have been subjected to the dielectric type tests 3, 4 and 5 they shall be subjected to all the routine. In the past, current transformers were designed to accurately measure down to 10% of the current rating on the name plate of the transformer. The current transformer output voltage presents the transformer capability to carry burden. A transformer changes the voltage level or current level on its input winding to another value on its output winding using a magnetic field. Some most recent works are also discussed to give readers a feel for the latest trends in transformer technology. Ring core cts are available for measuring currents from 50 to 5000 amps, with windows power conductor opening size from 1 to 8 diameter. In other applications, a reactor is used, and in some applications, the ground fault current is limited to less than 10a. The rated current of the secondary is standardized to 1 and 5 a. The flux flows in the part of the core represented by the lefthand exciting branch of the equivalent circuit shown in figure 4. Equivalent current transformer circuit x 1 primary leakage reactance r 1 primary winding resistance x 2 secondary leakage reactance z 0 magnetizing impedance r 2 secondary winding resistance z b secondary load note. The correct way to specify and install current transformers. Normally the leakage fluxes x 1 and x 2 can be neglected. Therefore, the measuring accuracy is higher and the instrument security factor is lower. A transformer consists of two electrically isolated coils and operates on faradays principal of mutual induction, in which an emf is induced in the transformers secondary coil by the magnetic flux generated by the voltages and currents.

The first author worked in the transformer industry for 11 years before joining academia. Instrument transformer basic technical information and. Indoor current transformer model jab0c 600v, 10kv bil, 2003000a window size 4. He has vast experience in the design and development of transformers.

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